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           About Herballife


​           our promise is that Herballife is an organization

     established and maintained with reliable standards

     for the well-being of the people. our first goal was to

     provide people  with the gift that nature has to offer.

     we care about the environment and increase the  

     values of society. we are excited to say that the 

     mission is to move the company forward 

     strategically with effective leadership of qualities,

     especially to innovate and deliver new innovations

      that build clients' trust in us .   

                              18 YEARS IN QUALITY PRODUCTS


 Manufacture by :

   Register MFG by... herbal life... no.18 business center . lT road west mumbai.400092, Maharashtra India.

  Marketing by :

                   Herbal life... Industrial area Kolamuru 533102, Rajamahendravaram rural.


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